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It's time for a different kind of house. A house that is more than square footage: a house that is Not So Big, where each room is used every day. The Not So Big House isn't just a small house. Rather, it's a smaller house, filled with special details and designed to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants. The Home Professionals Directory is comprised of those who embrace the Not So Big philosophy.

Details on Mark Eric Benner - Architects, Ltd.
Mark Eric Benner - Architects, Ltd.Website: http://www.mebarchitect.com
Mark BennerPhone: 847-412-0692
1725 Ferndale Avenue
EMail: markbenner@mebarchitect.com
Northbrook, Illinois 60062Social Media: http://www.facebook.com/mebarchitects
USAHouzz.Com Profile: http://www.houzz.com/pro/bennerm/mark-eric-benner-architects-ltd

Services and Specialties:
Virtual Reality Architectural Design, Building Information Modeling

Service Areas:
USA (Illinois)

About Our Company:

We create uniquely personal living and working spaces. As owner of Mark Eric Benner – Architects, Ltd. with expertice in both residential and commercial projects, as well as design/build relationships, we help our clients to maximize the value of their construction projects. Rather than ask our clients to learn a new language, architectural drawings, we choose to communicate using virtual reality.
We provide unique design solutions coupled with realistic exploration of space and detailed analysis of a design`s components. Most importantly, the timely application of these powerful tools, make the biggest possible impact, guiding creativity and value, hand in hand.
Illinois licensed architect. Architectural design for custom residential design, custom residential remodeling design, commercial design, land planning, 3D design, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Experience in commercial and residential design/build. Advanced three dimensional visualization (animated & still)
See your project realistically, try out finish selections in advance of breaking ground. We help you to prototype your architectural project or development to make the most effective use of your resources and time.
We are excited to partner with Solid Rock Carpenters and Habitat for Humanity to help produce the homes being built in New Orleans areas affected by hurricane Katrina.
SpecialtiesArchitectural design, 3D visualization, and information modeling for Custom Homes, LuxuryHomes, Vacation Homes, Residential Remodeling and Additions, Commercial Design and Interior Buildout, Lighting control systems, Solid Rock Carpenters

Statement of Licensure:

Licensed in Illinois


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