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It's time for a different kind of house. A house that is more than square footage: a house that is Not So Big, where each room is used every day. The Not So Big House isn't just a small house. Rather, it's a smaller house, filled with special details and designed to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants. The Home Professionals Directory is comprised of those who embrace the Not So Big philosophy.

Details on Renovation Design Group
Renovation Design GroupWebsite: http://www.renovationdesigngroup.com
Annie Schwemmer and Ann RobinsonPhone: 801-533-5331
824 S 400 W Suite B123
EMail: info@renovationdesigngroup.com
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/renovationdesigngroup/
USAHouzz.Com Profile: http://www.houzz.com/pro/renovationdesigngroup/renovation-design-group

Services and Specialties:
Residential Remodeling Architectural Services

Service Areas:
USA (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming)

About Our Company:

Renovation Design Group is the leading residential architectural firm designing additions and remodels in Utah, but is also licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Wyoming.

Life-Centered Design, only from Renovation Design Group.
At Renovation Design Group we change lives. Our Architects know you aren`t ultimately looking for a pretty set of remodeling plans; you want something that improves your life. And who wants to spend a life`s savings on a beautiful renovation that doesn`t really improve their quality of life? Our Architects find making homes beautiful to be the easy part. We enjoy the challenge of making the biggest possible impact on your life for the better through architecture, of course.

While Drafters may create a wonderful set of plans, our Architects create wonderful lifestyles by our plans. Designers and other Architects transform homes in order to gain recognition, while we receive appreciation for transforming our client`s lives. The design of Contractors is simply building sturdy places, but our spaces are designed to build relationships and support life goals.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard your standard. You come to us with a vision of a better life. We recognize this, and so we take a comprehensive approach to make sure your newly remodeled home supports your life goals and enhances the quality of your daily life even long after your renovation is complete.

This focus naturally leads us to champion what is truly in your best interest. It requires that we listen to you in order to identify how your new home will ultimately support, enhance and change how you live and feel every day for as long as you live there.

Our exclusive Life-Centered Design methodology does just that for you. No one else delivers it; not builders, not drafters, even designers and other architects go amiss. Renovation Design Group is proud to be regionally respected for consistently delivering `A new design for a Better Life`. And when you hire us for our Inspire architectural services, only Renovation Design Group promises to refund half of our fees if you don`t feel that your new home supports your life goals and enhances the quality of your daily life.

Request a free in-office consultation today.
Your life; designed better.

Statement of Licensure:

In addtion to being licensed in Utah, we are also licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming. 

NCARB Certification: Architect is NCARB certified.
* The NCARB certification often expedites reciprocity - the process through which one can offer his or her professional services in different jurisdictions after earning an initial license. This means that if an NCARB certified architect is not licensed in your state, the process for getting him/her licensed there in order to work on your project will be fairly quick.


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