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It's time for a different kind of house. A house that is more than square footage: a house that is Not So Big, where each room is used every day. The Not So Big House isn't just a small house. Rather, it's a smaller house, filled with special details and designed to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants. The Home Professionals Directory is comprised of those who embrace the Not So Big philosophy.

Details on Turley Architects
Turley ArchitectsWebsite: http://www.turleyarchitects.com
Christopher TurleyPhone: 847 492-1617
2225 W. Giddings Street
EMail: chris.turley@turleyarchitects.com
Chicago, Illinois 60625

Services and Specialties:
Architecture, Kitchen and Bath, Historic Reno,

Service Areas:
USA (Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin)

About Our Company:

Turley Architects works with home owners to help them get crystal-clear on what will make a deep and impactful difference in their lives and then TA converts these concepts and elements into the bricks and mortar that creates the space around them. Our mantra is `The little things ARE the big things` and we understand how important it is to get the every element aligned to the client`s need and the architectural message they want.

We work with clients throughout the country who understand how much a well designed and constructed space can enrich a person`s expereinces of the world around them - family, friends, nature, environment, activities and all the other things that matter. Our unique TA systems and collaborative methodologies are whole and complete and help everyone ensure that the client fulfills on our motto: make room for YOUR life.

Contact us for a free and straight-forward conversation on whether TA is the right firm for you to partner with as architect, designer, or design-build team member.

Statement of Licensure:

We hold an NCARB certificate for rapid licensure in most states and selected countries.

NCARB Certification: Architect is NCARB certified.
* The NCARB certification often expedites reciprocity - the process through which one can offer his or her professional services in different jurisdictions after earning an initial license. This means that if an NCARB certified architect is not licensed in your state, the process for getting him/her licensed there in order to work on your project will be fairly quick.


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